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windansea media

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The Windansea Media Group is simply a collective of some of my best friends who just happen to be really good at what they do.  Never underestimate the power, beauty, and even purpose of the perfect storm.  The synergy of the wind and the sea in both stormy times and calm ones is what has shaped our most beautiful coastlines.  Twenty five years ago I stepped out in faith to launch a surf camp, produce 12 movies, and host world tours to over 500,000 in live attendance.  These conquests would not have been possible without the incredibly talented team of professionals in the production, marketing, and branding industries who worked with me to accomplish our objectives.  We believe it is more blessed to give than to receive and I am very excited to see our team continue to help launch our clients into new seasons of success.  It really does take the right team to accomplish the dream.  Through creative branding, Hollywood level promotional videos, professional website design, captivating social media campaigns, and product development we hope to work with you to take your brand to the next level.        

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